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BEKsoft – software, freeware, shareware

Supports board layout; paint GND around signals to make boards more robust
Used in electronic board design (PCB); source can be: scan (news paper, drawing, ...), output of PCB software (eagle, target, ...)
Supports files of type TIFF and BMP (black/white)

Clean up a Siemens Gigaset M740 AV.
Reset view icon – Delete - Group to series - Rename title - Move to other disk - Export to mpg file

Checks internet pages for unresolved links, title and meta tags.
It generates a report of the selected file and of all referenced local files - like a spider does.

Utility (DOS): walk through directory tree; works like cd command followed by dir
Very useful for command line users; very quick change of default directory

Utility (DOS): create a dump of any file; make changes to the dump and resave as binary

… the following will be translated one after the other …

Umrechnung von Einheiten – Temperatur, … - geschrieben in Java

Routen der Plots und Ausdrucke auf verschiedene Plotter

BASIC-Interpreter mit Grafik- und System-Funktionen, oder
Grafik- und Datenbanken Subsystem mit BASIC Funktionen

Model train control
using AVR ATmega32 …

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